Dipping another toe into the water controversy

(See what I did there?) Because I want you to be smiling when you click through to this article, which will shake the very foundation of the world for some of you. This is the second in an infrequent foray into the controversial world of over-watering ourselves. Here’s an article from the opens in a new windowNew York Times, August 2015. It’s really worth a read (your kidneys will thank you!).

opens in a new windowWater - Image from NY Times August 2015 article

If you’re already one of my patients, then we’ve already had “the water talk” and you’re already feeling better. If not, this may come as something of a surprise. In either case, this is another thoughtful, well written article on the subject.

So before you go off and by the newest version of your 64 ounce water bottle, talk a deep breath, read this article and go have a coffee instead, or a tea, or a beer, or juice or a salad or some soup or……..

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