End of an Era

Uber-assistant Lee has semi-retired. She’s stepped away from my office and now is focusing solely on running Dr Vaughn’s office.

I will miss her infectious cheerfulness and aloha spirit. And I wouldn’t have a practice to return to if not for her, so my gratitude to her is unending. Of course, I want her to slow down and enjoy life and I hope that’s what she will be doing now that she’s not carrying my practice.

Stepping in to assume the reins is Lori, who some of you have already met. I have high expectations for her and feel she will be able to help me move the practice forward into the next decade and beyond.

Of course, Lori is very aware of the affection most of you have for Lee and knows she has very big (albeit teensy tiny) shoes to fill.

All our best wishes to Lee and her family – we already miss you!

Everyone at Vickery Health & Wellness

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