Fabulous Facial

This shout-out is WAY overdue.

I’ve been having my skin pampered by Christine of opens in a new windowSkin Care by Chin Lee for several months now. I’ve been amusing Christine, since I was never a facial girl before this so I’ve been intrigued about stuff she’s doing – in a way other women my age probably aren’t since they’ve probably been taking care of their skin better than I have. But I’m a believer now!

In addition to all the skin stuff that she does, I get the MOST amazing neck and shoulder massage in the middle of my facial. I come off her table so relaxed I can hardly think, which is a lovely way to feel!

There is a whole menu of stuff offered but I let Christine guide me. I suggest you make your next (first?) facial appointment with Christine and let her guide you as well. I think you’ll be happily surprised.

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