Catching Up on My Reading

This month’s (March 2009) UC Berkeley Wellness Letter has some wonderful common sense comments on constipation and colon health, including the surprising results of the study published in the 2005 American Journal of Gastroenterology which shows that “stimulants did not harm the colon”.  You can read the whole article in my office if you’re interested. 

The Wellness Letter also suggests, in their Wellness made easy column, “If you get headaches, consider acupuncture”.  More and more research, it seems, is showing that acupuncture can help with headaches – something practitioners and patients of acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine have know for centuries.  If you get headaches, come on in and give it a try.

From the other side of the  aisle, as it were, come these suggestions and articles from this month’s (March 2009) Environmental Nutrition newsletter:

  • If you’re tired of only bad news about food and diet, EN suggests you check out, a site by food critic and nutritionist Bonnie Tandy Leblang and her two sons.
  • Gum chewing may help with focus, stress, weight loss and dental health.
  • An eye-opening look at coffee, which EN suggest may have many health perks
  • A revisit of the benefits of spinach with a spinach frittata recipe

If you don’t subscribe, you may review EN in my office.

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