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I was asked by Maple Holistics to review their opens in a new windowSilk 18 shampoo and conditioner and it’s been an amazing experience. Very positive. In fact, if you don’t want to read the rest of the review there it is. That’s my feeling. It’s great shampoo and conditioner. It worked really well for my hair.


First, a little background before I jump into the review of the shampoo. About a year ago I was starting to dance the dance of thyroid medication, having just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was doing pretty well. In fact, the practitioner felt that I was doing so well that we could increase the thyroid hormone rather faster than she normally would. Unfortunately, my body disagreed. So I dropped back down to the prior level. However, a certain amount of disharmony had already begun in my body and it began to manifest late in the summer with my nails splitting and my hair starting to dry out. Then my hair started to come out in handfuls. I had bald spots. I was horrified.

September/October of last year I finally went and had a dramatic haircut to try to cover up all the damage and I set about trying to repair my hair from the outside and the inside. I tried a bunch of shampoos. No matter what I tried, my hair was just like straw. Stick straight, difficult to work with and very uncomfortable. It really felt like it was going to snap off if I did anything with it like brushing it or sleeping on it.

Closeup of straw in a field.opens IMAGE file
My hair felt like straw                                             1

It finally started to relax a little bit. It still felt like straw, but a little bit more like fresh straw. This continued through the winter and then I got the email from Maple Holistics saying they had this shampoo, and would I be interested in trying? Of course, I said, I would love to try it. I mentioned I’d have to get a bottle of the conditioner and they said great, try them both.

Silk to the Rescue!

After the very first shampoo, my hair was completely different!

I started out for a week just using the opens in a new windowSilk 18 Shampoo to see how it would work by itself. After my shower, I continued using the leave-in conditioner I’d been using for months. The shampoo by itself made a huge difference in my hair. It was soft and started to maybe want to curl a little bit. When I’m healthy, I have wavy hair so getting a little bit of body back in my hair was amazing.

After the first week, I added the opens in a new windowSilk 18 Conditioner and stopped using the leave-in conditioner. With the addition of the conditioner, it was almost like I had my own hair back. Suddenly it was willing, and able, to be styled a little bit and would hold whatever I did to it for a while. Also, it was super soft and shiny.

Dreamy image of white feathers
After using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt soft and healthy                             2

Previously I had tried Maple Holistics’ opens in a new windowtea tree shampoo and opens in a new windowArgan oil shampoo. Both of those were amazing for my hair but I probably will stick with the opens in a new windowSilk 18 because this is hard to beat. I’m placing my order for replacements because these bottles are almost empty. I certainly encourage anyone who has damaged or lacklustre hair to try it themselves.

Photo credits:
1 – Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash
2- Photo by Evie Shaffer on Unsplash

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