Dr. Vickery has been such a blessing

Dr. Vickery has been such a blessing to our family’s health. She is a great listener and always has a solution to our health issues. My 11-year-old daughter has successfully been treated by Dr. Vickery for her anxiety. Dr. Vickery has given her tools and remedies that she can use before school and in the evenings when my daughter’s stress and anxiety levels peak.

Dr. Vickery has successfully treated me for about 4 years. From aches and pains, to digestive issues, etc. Best of all, I no longer suffer from hot flashes, irritability, and my heavy menstrual cycle is under control now- without the use of traditional drugs and hormone treatments.

Dr. Vickery has wonderful intuition, and has incredible knowledge in her field. We are grateful to be in her capable and caring hands!”

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