Dr. Vickery leads the way in health care (all facets)

Dr Vickery leads the way in health care (all facets). I have had chronic pain since 1976 and have much experience with all type of MD’s, procedures and medications. I am forced to see my MD every 4 months for meds. I am very proactive with my health and Dia today has only enhanced and placed my body in some of the best stages of my life. I’m 61 and feel younger and so much better since I’ve seen Dia. Also, there’s a spiritual side in play today with much credit going to Dia and the entire experience (I.e., office, room, receptionist, zen music, etc.). Today I have 3 herniating discs in areas of my body (neck and two lower back). I as well have had debilitating pain in my arm from the disc issues. Dia is an amazing listener, calming, so professional and once she hears the today story she goes to work and knows where to place the needles and/or do some other procedure. I trust her 100% and more so than any Doctor, procedure or pain pill. The estimated 28 minutes (of acupuncture) is better than any massage or for that matter any other pleasure us humans have. Her rooms and the music that is played gives and leaves you with a calming zen feeling and of course, your body is in a cloud. She never pushes a subject matter or tells you must do something. However, she will give you so much of her valuable time and have deep discussions on any topic if you bring it up. We give each other wisdom. There is no doubt Dr Vickery has reduced my issues (even the mental ones) and has even helped me wean off some meds. She is a lifesaver, great person and the best acupuncturist out there. And yes over my 40+ years of pain I have been to all type of practitioners. IF she takes you as a patient you will be forever grateful. IF you’re doing weed, drugs, etc. go somewhere else. If your sincere and need help she might take you and she is always busy. It doesn’t get better than Dr Vickery. I appreciate, love everything about the experience and the person and am thankful and grateful I met her along my path.”

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