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We received super exciting news. As of 4-29 (although we just got the notification), Dr Vickery is now a TriWest Alliance Provider!

Who is TriWest Alliance?

If you know what that means, you’re probably a veteran or family member. If you don’t know what this means, well you can probably guess now. Yes, we are now providing care for military veterans (and their families we think, stay tuned for updates as we find out more), through their insurance provider TriWest Healthcare Alliance.

How it works

We’re new to all this too. Here’s what we know so far:

  1. To make an appointment, the Veteran calls TriWest OR VAMC sends a referral to TriWest
    1. Under VCP (Choice), a Veteran must call the number on the back of his or her Veterans Choice Card to confirm eligibility and initiate the appointing process.
    2. Under PC3, a VAMC sends a referral directly to TriWest for a Veteran.
  2. TriWest PSR locates a provider to see the Veteran
    1. If the Veteran doesn’t have a specific request, under both programs, the TriWest PSR will locate a provider for the Veteran. This means you need to request to come to our office or you might be sent to another TriWest acupuncturist.
  3. TriWest PSR makes appointment for the Veteran
  4. TriWest will send a detailed authorization letter to the provider via fax that outlines the approved episode-of-care for the Veteran.

Looking forward

As you can probably tell, this is all new to us. We are excited to move forward and become experts at providing care for our military veterans (and their families). This is the next step in our commitment to serving those who serve. Dr Vickery is also a opens in a new windowGive-An-Hour provider

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