You Wonder Why Health Care Costs Are So High?

I try to keep up with what’s happening in the larger world of healthcare, as well as my smaller world of acupuncture. And this blog wandered across my desk – and stopped me dead in my tracks.

This is terrifying for any practitioner and a real world reminder for all of us, patients and practitioners. It reminds us of the immense pressure practitioners are under and the appalling possible end results. For myself, I shudder to think what the malpractice premium for this poor doctor went to after this judgement.

So the next time you’re bemoaning the cost of healthcare, remember these hidden costs – the increasing malpractice costs to physicians and the CYA costs of unnecessary tests in an attempt to avoid or mitigate lawsuits.

Do read this article, it’s well worth five minutes of your time:

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  1. To lower the cost, improve the access. It appears that people in America want a retail approach to medicine. It is a credible approach to deregulate many of the prescriptive medicines to OTC status. The customer can then decide if he/she needs an expert opinion, or can decide to use a medication based on available literature. The most dangerous and addictive medicines can remain on prescription. If American Retail Medicine is the model for the future, deregulation of prescriptions is imperative.

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