Amazing Healer

Dr. Dia is a miracle worker who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. In less than a year, she has dramatically improved my quality of life. I first went to see her in April of 2013 because of my crippling back pain. In 2009 (2 years after a serious hiking accident), I developed back problems which interfered with my daily functioning. I was in pain every day. Then my back started going out so badly that I could not walk for a week to two weeks afterwards. My MRI showed that I had bulging disks and arthritis. My back doctor gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers and sent me to physical therapy. Well, after a few years of physical therapy, massages, and muscle relaxers and only minor improvement I was desperate for lasting pain relief. However, as a lifelong needle phobic, the idea of acupuncture scared me and I was resistant to try it. That was before I met Dr. Dia.

Dr. Dia is like a gentle wizard with needles. She uses a process called “gentle needling” which amounts to me feeling no anxiety or pain during my treatments. She has a calming presence and plays spiritual music in her treatment rooms which is very relaxing. Her office is a peaceful oasis where I melt into the table while a heating lamp and magical heating oil surround me in a warm cocoon. Going to my acupuncture appointments is like a spa day for me. I practically fall asleep on the table and I always leave in a relaxed state of mind.

The biggest selling point for Dr. Dia is that I have seen dramatic results from her treatments. In April of 2013, when I first went to see her, my back was going out once a month. Now my back hasn’t gone out in 9 months. Before, I would wake up each morning in pain. Now I wake up each morning pain free. I’m hiking, going to the gym regularly, and even skiing again. These are activities I wouldn’t have dreamed about being able to do before without being in serious pain afterwards. In addition, she has successfully treated me for other debilitating ailments including anxiety and vertigo.

I have never met another health practitioner like her. No one cares more about their patients than she does and no one takes as much time with their patients as she does. Each time I go to see her, before my actual treatment we sit and talk about my current health issues and any concerns I have. These talks always put me at ease and make me feel comfortable in her extremely capable hands. She adjusts the treatments depending on how I am feeling and doing that day! Who could ask for anything better?

I cannot contain my excitement about this amazing healer. Thanks to her, I have my life back and am healthier than I have been in years!”

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