One of the most important assets to your health is the free flow of blood & energy (Qi) throughout your entire body.

Traditional Oriental Medicine - including acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, traditional dietary advice and energy exercise - provides me with the tools to help you make the most of that asset. 

In my experience, gentle needling is as effective as powerful (often described as painful) needling for the types of conditions I see in my clinic.  You are looking for pain relief and a quick return to your favorite activities and I want to assist you without adding to your pain using harsh techniques.

In addition to needles, I use herbal formulae to augment your treatment and aid in your return to health.  I will also advise you on exercise to increase the flow of Qi through your body, as well as dietary changes you can easily incorporate into your life to aid you in faster healing and maintaining your health.

In combination, I use these tools to treat physical pain, emotional pain, women's health concerns and many other conditions.

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 As a practitioner of Traditional Oriental Medicine,
I will respect and honor the heritage of this ancient healing art