Health Coaching

“Bridging the gap between spirit and body”

What does optimal health look like to you?

More energy?
Weight changes?
Improved sleep?
Reduced anxiety?

What is standing between you and that vision?

Time? Focus? Commitment?

What do you think it will take to attain your vision of vibrant and abundant wellness?

Doing it by yourself can seem overwhelming. Instead, working with a health coach is designed for exploration and discovery as well as support and guidance. Health coaches help promote long-term health gains and foster lifelong changes.

Our health coaching encompasses the constellation of modalities available to a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine. All of that is applied based on your individual situation and needs.

Dr Vickery will evaluate and provide a plan for attaining your health goals with your unique needs and sensibilities in mind. Your plan may include referrals to other practitioners, nutrition guidance and support, guided meditation or other mindfulness practices, exercises or self-care to practice at home.


All options include

Introductory session (60-120 min)
(Can add acupuncture to your in-person session for an additional $85)
Individualised plan and recommendations
Updated and adapted as needed throughout the entire program
Email/text support throughout the entire program


One in-person or online session per month

Weekly check-ins

$525/3-month program($175/month)


Two in-person or online sessions per month

Weekly check-ins

$960/3-month program($320/month)


Four in-person or online sessions per month*
*months with five weeks only have 4 sessions.

$1800/3-month program

Additional sessions at $80/hour

What you will receive:

The initial session

  • Either in-person or via telehealth
  • Between 1 and 2 hours
  • Will include:
    • A thorough review of your current and past health including current medications
    • Review of lab tests provided prior to the appointment
    • An evaluation of all supplements you are taking
    • A discussion of your current diet and any concerns around food and nutrition
    • Traditional East Asian tongue diagnosis and, if in-person, Traditional East Asian pulse diagnosis.
    • In-person only, a review of your body composition analysis

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly sessions

Street sign saying 'old life' and 'new life'
  • 45 to 90 minutes either via telehealth or in-person
  • Via telehealth
    • The discussion will vary depending on the personalised plan and may include additional at-home care instructions, food medicine, essential oil treatments, auricular acupressure instructions, Traditional East Asian exercises, or meditation.
  • In-person
    • Sessions will vary depending on your personalised plan and may include hands-on treatment.


  • 15-minute video check-in to answer any questions, clarify instructions, and follow up on suggested personal work.
  • Unlimited emails


  • Video modules or pertinent materials relating to your plan and progress may be provided

Throughout the coaching process, you will

  • Learn or strengthen your goal and intention setting
  • Construct your daily health ritual
  • Examine the power of language when setting expectations for self and others
  • Learn to trust your embodied wisdom
  • Open your heart to reconnect with your life