Fabulous Facial

This shout-out is WAY overdue. I’ve been having my skin pampered by Christine of Skin Care by Chin Lee for several months now. I’ve been amusing Christine, since I was never a facial girl before this so I’ve been intrigued about stuff she’s doing – in a way other women my age probably aren’t since Read More »

Outside the office –

It’s almost the National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo (some people call it November) And again this year, I’ll be setting fingers to keyboard throughout the month of November. I hope others will as well. And if you do, you know someone who is or if you just want to support future novelists, I hope Read More »

End of an Era

Uber-assistant Lee has semi-retired. She’s stepped away from my office and now is focusing solely on running Dr Vaughn’s office. I will miss her infectious cheerfulness and aloha spirit. And I wouldn’t have a practice to return to if not for her, so my gratitude to her is unending. Of course, I want her to Read More »

Big THANK YOU to . . .

Dr. Ourfalian My amazing neighbour. He found my husband’s wallet and got it back to him today – before we even knew it was missing. Dr O has been my upstairs neighbour since I arrived at 18455 Burbank and the whole time he’s been a gem. I run into him (not literally) in the parking Read More »

You Wonder Why Health Care Costs Are So High?

I try to keep up with what’s happening in the larger world of healthcare, as well as my smaller world of acupuncture. And this blog wandered across my desk – and stopped me dead in my tracks. This is terrifying for any practitioner and a real world reminder for all of us, patients and practitioners. Read More »

January 1st Sales Tax Increase

Sales and Use Tax Rate Will Increase on January 1, 2013 Due to voter approval of Proposition 30, the statewide sales and use tax rate will increase one quarter of one percent (0.25%) on January 1, 2013. The higher tax rate will apply for four years – January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016. For Read More »

The Confusing World of Insurance

For your education (and listening pleasure) here’s a link to a 2009 edition of This American Life that tackles the crazy, confusing world of “health” insurance. It’s a great overview of how we got to where we are with health care and insurance and all. Despite being broadcast in 2009, it’s still as relevant today Read More »


It’s that time of year again – and I’m going to try my hand at it (again). What is it, you may ask? It’s November, also known as National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, or think this might be interesting or if you’re looking for a new and different Read More »

Carmageddon II

Remember, it’s just one weekend. Be safe, have fun locally or go out of town (it’s not too late to book a trip!). Keep your stress levels in check by remembering to breathe – in AND out, no holding of your breath please – and laugh. It really is ludicrous of us to be SO Read More »